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By using DermaShine the fur’s normal moisture balance is re-established after drying out so the fur becomes shiny without seeming greasy. DermaShine also has a mild disinfecting, itchrelieving and softening effect.

DermaShine is a conditioner for dogs, cats and horses, which adds new moisture to dry skin and fur. The normal balance of the fur is restored and the fur becomes shiny without seeming greasy. Jojoba oil draws the moisture down into the skin, which thus becomes soft and supple. At the same time, dandruff is loosened from the surface of the skin. In addition to moisturising, propylenglycol and glycerine also have a disinfecting effect. The lactic acid normalises the pH value in the skin.

The D/Derma Prescription series is designed for the pre-cleansing treatment of the skin prior to veterinary treatment. Since the removal of different impurities requires different products, and since the removal of such impurities should not exacerbate the unhealthy condition of the skin, the D/Derma Prescription series consists of several products with individual properties.

The above-mentioned properties are all related to the active ingredients of the product, which are fully normal ingredients in a good shampoo, or to the skin-care ingredients such as derivatives of vegetable fat and moisturising ingredients. These ingredients help rehydrate the skin and make it soft and flexible. This will leave the skin clean and well-cared-for in the areas not directly affected by the unhealthy condition, and then the veterinarian can start his treatment of the affected areas.

The best cleansing treatment is therefore achieved when the proper D/Derma Prescription product is chosen for the individual situation. The main function of the product is to clean the skin and fur and to protect unaffected areas. It is a prerequisite for an effective treatment by the veterinarian that the right cleansing treatment is chosen. The veterinarian will use the relevant pharmaceutical drugs for the affected skin areas; the cleansing treatment is a supplement to the treatment of the skin infection only.

Therefore, the D/Derma Prescription product is not a veterinary medicinal product, but a means of cleaning the skin.

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